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How do I cancel my membership?

If you are interested in canceling your membership, please send us an email to, or fill out our contact form. Please be sure to read about our Grace Period, which occurs anytime you cancel... Please keep in mind, if you have a lesson-based membership, that any unused benefits will be lost upon cancelation. Alternatively, you can downgrade to ANY one of our memberships to continue to maintain  unused lesson benefits (which will rollover in perpetuity with an active membership). If you downgrade to Rookie, you will not be able to book instructor-led lessons online. You can still search for lessons (using the Non-Member / Rookie Member services), but when you find what you want, you’ll need to call/text/email us so we can book it for you. To maintain booking on your own, you would need at least the House membership.

Updated on: 04/27/2024

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