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Can I still book services into my next term if I no longer have any available benefits (benefit borrowing)?

When you attempt to schedule appointments beyond the end of your current term without any remaining benefits, our system provides an option to "borrow" benefits from your subsequent months. This assumes that you plan to renew your monthly membership. Since our booking window allows you to reserve appointments up to 14 days in advance for self-service and 21 days for instructor-led sessions, you may often find yourself booking appointments that fall outside your current term, especially towards the end of your term when your benefits are exhausted.

If you wish to use benefits from the forthcoming term, simply select the "Borrow" option when prompted by the system. This choice allows you to access benefits from the next term. Please note that this means you will have fewer benefits available at the start of the next term, assuming you plan to continue your membership.

**Note:** Some members intentionally use more lessons than are available on their current plan. If this is your intention, we recommend choosing the "Buy" option in this situation. The charge will be based on the effective rate of your associated plan.

Updated on: 03/26/2024

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