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If I have more than one player, do I need more than one membership?

Yes! Each player that intends to utilize services at SixFour3, should have their own membership. You can manage your player accounts from within your Profile by clicking the "Edit Pencil" and scrolling down the page to your Player accounts. Once you add the player, you can return to the "Memberships" tab and you can add a membership from there. You can add up to 3 players to your account (if you have more than 3 players, please contact us).

Note: If you are a customer that had an ACTIVE account on our legacy platform (as of September 17, 2023), please continue reading below...

All players now require individual memberships. Previously, due to limitations in our software, we implemented a 'Family Add-On' membership to cover additional players on a single account. With our new system, you can manage individual player accounts within one 'Parent' account. This allows you to have the right membership for each player and book them independently in a single checkout.

If you have a family add-on, we will automatically create two player memberships on your account. Player 1 will receive the primary membership, and Player 2 will receive a Rookie membership (unless you have multiple lesson plans, in which case they will be assigned accordingly). As a result, here are your options:

Adjust your memberships and purchase the appropriate plan for each player (this may involve a financial change); OR
Contact us via email (, and we'll provide you with modified memberships to accurately meet your needs (without any financial impact).

Updated on: 03/30/2024

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