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Why did you raise the membership prices?

Anytime we consider a price, or membership change, we take it very seriously. We evaluate all angles and use all available data to ensure that we are always offering significant value to our members. These membership and price changes have been in consideration for the better part of a year, and even without the price hikes we've all experienced due to the global pandemic, these changes were inevitable. That said, we have absolutely been negatively impacted by the price hikes from ALL of our vendors and we needed to allocate some pass-through cost coverage.

Furthermore, these modifications will help us in the following ways:

More accurately align our revenue with our increased cost structure
Solidify our memberships and pricing structure for the next 3 to 5 years
Provide a very important inflationary increase to our single largest asset -- Our Trainers
And, ensure continued investment in facility quality and innovation

We have always prided ourselves on offering high-quality [services & facilities] at an affordable price, as evidenced by our incomparable pricing for our self-service memberships, coupled with some of the most aggressive lesson rates in the market. These membership changes offer NO EXCEPTION and we are very confident you will not find better value from any other available options in the market (we've looked :-).

Updated on: 03/26/2024

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