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What is Self-Service

Anytime you want to use a SixFour3 facility to work out on your own, that is classified as "self-service" (versus an "Instructor-Led" service with one of our SixFour3 instructors). With standard memberships, you have up to 16 30-minute slots over the course of your monthly term (limited to 2 hours of booking per week). With the PLUS+ add-on, you have 48 30-minute slots for your term (limited to 6 hours of booking per week). Each slot is booked in 30-minute increments and can be sequenced together however you see fit. For example, if you want 60-minutes, you would book two connected times together.

Note: During _peak hours__, standard memberships_ **may** be limited to 30-minutes in a single day and PLUS memberships 60-minutes per day.

Updated on: 12/26/2023

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