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How do these new prices change our lesson and self-service rates?

To help provide some perspective, the effective rate for a member to use a SixFour3 facility for 30-minutes of self-service, is $1.87 and $1.50 for the Standard and PLUS membership, respectively. By comparison, one would be lucky to "rent" a lane for less than $20 for 30 minutes of time (and with SixFour3 you can do so on your time, 24x7).

For lessons, this depends on the membership you have. Our standard, a la carte rate is $55 per 30 minutes, but our effective rates are $50, $42.50 and $37.50 for the House, Travel and D1, respectively. Based on our research, these prices are highly competitive, and in most cases, are less per hour than other market comparisons.

Updated on: 03/26/2024

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