What is your Cancelation policy for self-service bookings, lessons and events?

For self-service and instructor-led services, we require at least an 8-hour notice in order to receive a full credit (i.e., session benefit, service or payment credit). For Events (e.g., Camps, Clinics, etc), we require 48-hours notice. If your cancelation occurs outside that 8-hour window, you will be automatically credited. If you paid for the service with a session benefits, any applicable benefit will be automatically returned to your account. If you paid with a credit card, we will apply a credit to your "Virtual Wallet", which will be made available to you at the time of checkout to be used for any [applicable] future service. Should a refund be required, please contact us.

Our instructors / trainers are in high-demand and payment to them is guaranteed, once we are within the respective cancelation window. We do this primarily to protect our trainers, who often have difficulty filling openings on short notice and would otherwise be left without payment for their time. Given the mass volume of day-of cancelations, this is also done to protect our business, as well as our membership base from "phantom" or "placeholder" bookings. Our hope is that cancelations are done as early as possible, but if it is within the 8-hour window (including No-Shows), forfeiture of your benefit or payment is required, regardless of the reason for cancel**.**

Updated on: 03/15/2024

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