Weather Protocols

SixFour3 is “always open” so it’s unlikely that we would ever close the facility. However, in rare circumstances it is possible that we could close altogether, so in the event of inclement weather, always make sure you check your email, phone/texts and/or our social media channels before you head out. Otherwise, please follow these protocols…

If you have a self-service booking, the decision to go is made at your discretion. If you choose not to go, please try and remember to cancel so we are made aware.
If you have an instructor-led booking, please check your email/text before you go. These decisions are made between SF3 and the trainer and we will do our best to let you know as quickly as possible if lessons will be canceled/rescheduled. You can always call or text us before you head out for confirmation.

In the event that you decide to travel to SixFour3 in bad weather, please use caution and be safe. Our landlords and/or staff take care of the outdoor surroundings to the best of our ability, but it's possible dangerous conditions may exist, so exercise caution. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us by email, call or text. Thank you as always for being a valued SixFour3 member!!

Updated on: 03/15/2024

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